Hello, thank you for dropping by.  I am Jase Lim, a painter living in Singapore.  Art, roses and living are closest to my heart, and I am most delighted to share with you what I have learned over the years which you can view and read them in minutes or hours.   The article is posted weekly on Friday morning.




Anne Boleyn Rose

Anne Boleyn born c1501 – 19 May 1536, was Queen of England from 1533 to 1536 as the second wife of King Henry VIII. In 1526, Henry VIII began his pursuit of Anne, she resisted to become his mistress which her sister Mary Boleyn had been.  Anne Boleyn became on absorbing object of Henry’s desire … Continue reading

The Audrey Hepburn Rose

Audrey Hepburn (4 May 1929 – 20 January 1993) was a British actress, model, dancer and humanitarian.  Recognized as a film and fashion icon. Hepburn spent her childhood between Belgium, England and the Netherlands with her father job posting.  She is able to speak Dutch and English and varying degree in French, Spanish and Italian.  … Continue reading

Anna Pavlova Rose

A rose named after a Russian prima ballerina:  Anna Pavlova (12 February 1881 – 23 January 1931).  In 1981, a rose bred by English breeder, Peter Beales; of many petals with soft delicate pink colour and deeper shadings in the base is named after Anna Pavlova, in celebration of 100th Anniversary of her birth.  The large, … Continue reading

The Albrecht Durer Rose

It is interesting to know that one of my favourite artists has a rose under his name:  Albrecht Durer (21 May 1471 – 6 April 1528) a painter, printmaker and theorist of the German Renaissance.   The rose named in his honour has the colours that can only be described by a painter, peach blend, salmon, … Continue reading

Gertrude Jekyll Rose

Gertrude Jekyll was born on 29 November 1843.  She was an influential British horticulturist, garden designer, artist and writer.  She has created over 400 gardens in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States.  Jekyll is remember for her painterly approach using “warm” and “cool” flower colours into the arrangement of the gardens she created.  … Continue reading

The Graham Stuart Thomas Rose

Graham Stuart Thomas was born in Cambridge on 3 April 1909.  He was an English BSc botanist, best known for his work with garden roses and preserving the heritage of old roses when many of them were on the verge of extinction.  He has written 19 books on gardening, many of which remain classics today. Getrude … Continue reading

Pierre de Ronsard Rose

Pierre de Ronsard rose also known as Rosa Eden, is a light pink and white climbing rose.  The large, old-rose blooms is carmine-pink on the inside and creamy or ivory on the outside, with full petals of 55 to 60.  Due to the weight of its petals, flower heads are bowing.  This plant is often … Continue reading