Essence of Paintings

Through the hands of the artist the lifeless piece of canvas and tubes of pigments were transformed into a creation that has life with lines and colors. The artist has transmitted the essence of the spirit to the creation “the painting”. I can enjoy a Beethoven symphony even if I do not know understand anything … Continue reading

Perfervid Rose

I cannot explain why I love flowers, especially roses with their wide range of colours and not to mention their endearing fragrances.  Beauty has always been the motivating factor for me to paint; to preserve and share it on canvas. Current trend in art world when most artists dealt on big issues like eco and … Continue reading

The Reason I Jump

Get to know this book The Reason I Jump: One Boy’s Voice from the Silence of Autism via NHK World documentary. This book was written by a Japanese author Naoki Higashida, who wrote this book in 2005 at the age of 13. The book was initially published in Japanese in 2007 but was translated and … Continue reading

Bridging the Link

Sometime, the essence of the painting is diluted from the painter’s studio to the curator or art dealer; through the ways the painting was interpreted and displayed. Most of the paintings installed in public spaces like galleries had transformed the painting into fragmentary, static product install as a relic for viewing. Good consideration on the … Continue reading

Love and Humanity

This story was translated from a Chinese newspaper. “Even though god has forgotten to draw the curtain from the window of my eyes, I will live everyday without fear; because the world is just next to me!” This is the lyrics of a song, sung by a visually impaired Taiwanese singer, and has touched many … Continue reading

A Sense of Appreciation

While watching a NHK documentary, I was touched by a phrase – under the plank lies a watery grave which is translated from Japanese: Itako ichimai jigoku. It is beautiful yet sad and true at the same time. A lady introduced this phrase in appreciation to the fishermen who risked their lives to bring in … Continue reading

Deep Fried Prawn Heads

Watched Jamie’s Oliver show on salvaging food waste, love this concept. When cooking prawns, most of the time I will discard the shells which include the heads, unless I am preparing for a prawn stock.  This recipe is by a Chinese chef in the show; trim the prawn heads, sprinkle some pepper, salt and corn flour … Continue reading