The Perfoliated Rose

The phenomenon of flower perfoliation is now called proliferation.  It is a deformity, whereby the stem continues to grow through the open flower, usually centrally but occasionally to one side.  The picture below shown an example of a perfoliated rose illustrated by Pierre Joseph Redoute’s from his book titled The Roses. 

A Rose for Roald Dahl

‘Roald Dahl’ a new peach colour variety rose cultivated by David Austin to mark the 100 years birth of this beloved author, who also love gardening.  The young buds are a beautiful soft orange-red, the red reminiscent of the blush found on an actual peach. When fully open, they form medium-sized, cupped rosette blooms which … Continue reading

A visit to Marina Bay Sand

Rain Oculus 2010 by Ned Kahn.  I was amazed by the giant acrylic dish installed at Marina Bay Sand.  The awesomeness was not only on the size but the effect.  If you stand apart from each other as far as possible and speak into the dish in normal tone, you can hear each other clearly … Continue reading

Value of Arts

As the world becomes more and more difficult for us to live in, I think that the value of arts become more and more important – Bridget Riley.  (Quotes taken from Dialogues in Art with Neil MacGregor, Edited by:  Robert Kudielka – the values of arts referred to the purpose of the great collection of … Continue reading

Lady in the Van

A compelling movie based on a true story on the strained yet endearing friendship between Mr Alan Bennett and Miss Mary Shepherd.  Miss Shepherd was an eccentric homeless woman living in a van parked at Mr Bennett’s front porch for 15 years.  As the story develops, Miss Shepherd true identity is really a gifted pianist … Continue reading

Decorative Painting

Before I embarked on the journey of fine art, I was attracted to decorative painting.  What is decorative painting?  Decorative painting is one of the many branches of artistic expression accomplished with paint. Initially it is considered a peasantry craft, when most of the images are painted on the walls, furniture or utensil for decorative … Continue reading


Studies have shown that it is human nature to imitate.  When we see someone smile, our facial muscles relax and when we see someone cry on screen it will cause a lump to form in the throat or even tears to well up.  Scientists believe that human beings have six basic emotions; they are fear, … Continue reading