Hello, I am Jase Lim, a Singaporean painter.  This site serves to share with you my portfolio and things that of interest to me like art – mainly on paintings, roses and living.


Titus van Rjin (1641 – 1668) son of Rembrandt

Titus was the son of master painter Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn and Saskia van Uylenburgh.  He was the only child of four by Saskia who has survived infancy.  His face has appeared in several of Rembrandt’s paintings.  Titus grew up to be an artist but he died at a young age of 26 in 1668, … Continue reading

Rembrandt and Etching

Many know about Rembrandt’s mastery technique in painting, but not many knew about his talent in printmaking. Self-Portrait at a Window was created using etching medium.  Etching and drypoint is a printmaking technique of the intaglio family.  The image is first incised into a copper plate with a hard-point needle that is applied like a … Continue reading

Why we bring flowers to the grave site?

While reading a book on The Abuse of Beauty by Arthur Danto, a statement caught my eyes:  Why we bring flowers to the grave site?  Or to funeral? It was mentioned in the web that putting flowers on grave sites in cemeteries is a tradition as far back as Stone Age.  This practice remains popular … Continue reading

The Kiss

The Kiss was painted by Austrian painter Gustav Klimt (1862 – 1918).  It was painted on a square canvas measuring 180x180cm and this painting is currently housed in Osterreichische Galerie Belvedere, Vienna, Austria. Gustave Klimt is one of the greatest painter of the Art Nouveau period.  He was a successful painter of large paintings in … Continue reading


While reading The Abuse of Beauty by Arthur Danto on page 88, an interesting word appear:  hypotyposis???  Google for the meaning, it said:  noun:  a vivid, picturesque description of scenes or events.  Share with you the paragraph to give you a clearer picture on the meaning of the word. What would Matisse getting at?  Why … Continue reading


Below is a section extracted from the book: Creative Life – Spirit, Power and Relationship in the Practice of Art by Bandhu Dunham. First one need a sense of humour, which is based on an understanding as to how things work.  Humour in this sense does not mean laughing at someone or anything funny.  It … Continue reading

Basket of Fruits by Caravaggio

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio’s (1571-1610), an artist whose paintings and personality was surrounded with riddles and tragedies.  All levels of society from peasants to aristocrats played a part in his life and being his subject matters in his paintings. Initially, Caravaggio painted fruits and flowers as accessories to the human figures.  Basket of Fruits was … Continue reading