Decorative Painting

Before I embarked on the journey of fine art, I was attracted to decorative painting.  What is decorative painting?  Decorative painting is one of the many branches of artistic expression accomplished with paint. Initially it is considered a peasantry craft, when most of the images are painted on the walls, furniture or utensil for decorative … Continue reading


Studies have shown that it is human nature to imitate.  When we see someone smile, our facial muscles relax and when we see someone cry on screen it will cause a lump to form in the throat or even tears to well up.  Scientists believe that human beings have six basic emotions; they are fear, … Continue reading

I wish I could Cry

The urge to write about this topic was fueled by my late mother’s intense dislike on the color – black, but this dislike was only on my clothing. I was never allowed to have any clothes in black. Any act of defiance on this, the clothes would meet the same fate in the mystery of … Continue reading

Why people visit museum?

Why people are willing to queue for hours to enter the museum? That was my encounter during a trip to Paris. Due to time constraint (travelling in group), I missed my chance to say hello to the post-impressionists painters which I was looking forward to meet in Musee de Orsay. Why people goes to see an … Continue reading


Forget the past, it is gone. Do not project into the future, it is yet to come. Live Now with awaken and conscious mind. Be conscious of the beauty of the sky and the colour of flowers, of the freshness of the breeze and the generosity of the sun. The greatest wealth is to appreciate … Continue reading

Hidden Meanings in Chinese Art

It is interesting to know how messages are embedded in an image. Chinese words are evolved from pictorial representation. And the Chinese language has more words than sounds, so one sound can mean several things (homonym). It is Chinese custom that one do not talk about one’s gift to another party. Example a congratulatory is … Continue reading

Rose Scent

Since the Ancient Greek and Roman times, people have tried to capture the scent of rose flowers in a usable form. Perfumed ointments were produced by extracting the oils and fats from the rose petals. However, it was not possible to isolate the pure essential oil until the Arabs had invented steam distillation.  Bulgarian rose … Continue reading