Deep Fried Prawn Heads

Watched Jamie’s Oliver show on salvaging food waste, love this concept. When cooking prawns, most of the time I will discard the shells which include the heads, unless I am preparing for a prawn stock.  This recipe is by a Chinese chef in the show; trim the prawn heads, sprinkle some pepper, salt and corn flour in that sequence.   Deep fried till the oil has no more noise. Drained excess oil on kitchen towel then just pop the whole head in your mouth. It is very crispy and yummy. Prawn heads is high in cholesterol, so it is advisable to eat in moderation.

The prawn head is full of a gooey stuff like ‘roe’, which is very tasty. Ferran Adria (El Bulli) once compares sucking the juices from the prawn heads (steamed version) to tasting the “essence of the sea”.

Prawn Heads

Deep Fried Prawn Heads


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