Essence of Paintings

Jase Lim

Gift of Nature (2014). 150x80cm, Oil on linen. By Jase Lim

Through the hands of the artist the lifeless piece of canvas and tubes of pigments were transformed into a creation that has life with lines and colors. The artist has transmitted the essence of the spirit to the creation “the painting”.

I can enjoy a Beethoven symphony even if I do not understand anything from score and notes.  Similarly, though there might be some measure of psychical distance, yet I can feel the fear of Edvard Munch in The Scream and the depressive elements in Rothko Chapels.  Painting and music do not need to have names or subject, they just have to be looked at and listened to.  Their meaning may not be expressible in words but that does not affect their value. Sometimes, the greater the music or painting, the harder it is to express just why it is so great – because it is just beyond the grasp of human beings, not easily categorized or understood.

It is this inner necessity to create, that produce the paintings. The excellence of technique and the inner necessity to create these painting to enrich one’s life was immeasurable. It is an affirmation of life, and inspires one to aim for the same excellence.   That Degas and Monet both continued to paint after they were almost blind; Renoir continued to paint his happy pictures after his hands were so crippled with arthritis that the brush had to be strapped to his wrist to paint. Van Gogh attempted to continue, even though very few were interested in his works, Cezanne, Rembrandt and many others painted in obscurity and sometimes poverty, and painted with so much love and devotion; unselfishly leaving us works, sharing with us their perceptions.


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