About Jase Lim

Jase Lim

Jase Lim Self Portrait 2004

Jase Lim, a painter who is fascinated by the multitude of colours and patterns from botany.  She finds that the colours from nature have their soothing effect on human senses and pattern formations are both enticing and intriguing.  Through the process of selection, elimination and emphasis, present her perception using oil and acrylic pigments on canvas.

She graduated with a bachelor degree (Honour) in Fine Art (Painting) in 2007.  In 2011, she returned to LaSalle College of the Art located at McNally Road to further extend her interest in social, cultural and historical aspects of art production and received her Master of Arts on Asian Art Histories in 2012.

林燕铃,一位艺术从业者专注绘画她对植物中的颜色和图案着迷。 她发现,自然的颜色对人类的感觉有舒缓的效果.植物中模式形成是诱人和有趣的。 通过选择,消除和强调的过程,使用油和丙烯酸颜料在画布上展示她的感觉。她于2003年重返学校攻读美术学科主修绘画,就读于拉萨尔艺术学院(古德曼路) 2007 荣获美术学士荣誉学位。2011, 她又重返拉萨尔艺术学院 (麦克纳利路) 进一步扩大她的美术知识。在2012年她获得了关于亚洲艺术史硕士。