Artist to Watch

Image By Jase Lim

A Travelling Family

I saw this sculpture inside the Flower Dome at Garden by the Bay. It is a gift from Singapore Changi Airport to Garden By The Bay at Marina Bay, Singapore.

‘La Famille de voyageurs’ (A Travelling Family) depicts a travelling family as the title informed us. Bruno Catalano cites his experience as a sailor as central to his inspiration.  His eye-catching works, with their hollowed bodies, give a sense of transiency.  Moving and changing as one shift one’s perspective on the sculpture.  When the emptiness of the body merged with the surroundings, one no longer see it as an art form or sculpture but an image or mirage?

Bruno Catalano is a French Sculptor who was originally from Morocco and the third and last child of a Sicilian family. In 1970, the Catalano family left Morocco for France. Bruno Catalano first works were compact and conventional but the later series become increasingly expressive.  In 2004 a flaw in one of his characters – a depiction of Cyrano – prompted him to dig and hollow out the chest.  A new path of work ensues.