Embroidery Series

Embroidery is a craft of applying decoration with needle and thread to the surface of

jase Lim

Colour Beads by Jase Lim

a woven cloth. Painting uses brushes to paint the pigments onto the canvas.  Both forms of craft have ancient origins, dating back to early cultures across the globe.  This series of artworks was inspired by the beauty of colours and patterns by embroidery.  Compare to a printed fabric, the alluring effect of embroidery on me is the ‘existence’ of the thread works on the fabric.  So instead of painting directly on my canvas, I seek to create a 3D effect by first painting the pigments on paper then rolled into beads to form a pattern on my canvas.

Voltaire said “Love is a canvas furnished by nature, embroidered by imagination.”

Jase Lim

Lily Pads, Acrylic, paper on canvas, 90x180cm (3 panels), 2013. By Jase Lim