Jase Lim Portfolio

Entrance and Entranced 2006

Entrance and Entranced 2006 is an abstract lotus pond installed with consideration to depict a meditative sanctum.

Why?  Life itself is filled with unknown.  I believe that if one would slow down the pace of life and spend some time to reflect, harmony and happiness should prevail over chaos and suffering.

This artwork was inspired by the lotus pond at Kampong Java, Singapore.  Colours were selected, eliminated and emphasize to present in graduation of colours.

Photo by Jase Lim

Lotus Pond at kampong Java, Singapore.   By Jase Lim

Artwork by Jase Lim

Entrance and Entranced 2006.  Acrylic on linen, 15 x 15 cm (108pcs).

Entrance and Entranced 2007

Green is chosen for depicting the gradual shift of tonal value from light to dark.  The bench is part of the artwork, at any time when the viewer sits on the bench, one has made a physical entrance into the artwork.  But to be entranced takes time, the serious observer need time to immerse and the chair is there so that the mind is not distracted by the tiredness of the legs.

Jase Lim

Entrance and Entranced 2007. 15 x 15 cm, Acrylic on linen (169pcs).

Nucifera Repose

Nucifera is the biological name for lotus and repose means to rest.  This group of paintings with spatial consideration depict lotuses in abstraction floating in reflections of the pond.  The water of the pond was so still that one can see the mirror image of the lotus.  The emphasis is not only on the extraction of colours of the lotus but also to re-enact the stillness of the lotus pond in dawn.

By Jase Lim

Nucifera Repose 2008

by Jase Lim

Nucifera Repose NUSS