Lines and Colours


Jase Lim

Pink LOVE. Acrylic on Linen, 15x15cm (113pcs), 2017.

In Search of 4 Leaves Clover

Jase Lim

In Search of 4 Leaves Clover. Acrylic on canvas, 60x60cm, 2017. By Jase Lim.

I am mesmerized by the intriguing forms found in botany.  The mystique on the 4 leaves clover still exist; It is believed that 1st leaf represents faith, 2nd leaf offers hope, 3rd leaf symbolize love and 4th one brings luck. The ratio of finding a 4 leaves clover against 3 leaves is 1:10,000, this rarity make it more sought after. Every time, I chanced upon a patch of clover, my first instinct is to locate the 4 leaves clover.

However, I realized that while I have narrowed my scope of vision looking for the 4 leaves clover, I have missed out my opportunity on appreciating the beauty of the 3 leaves clover which is directly in front of me. Isn’t this situation similar when one is constantly pursuing for something and missed out on appreciating what one has already have?

Primary Rose

 Fireflies in Motion

Jase Lim

Fireflies. 100x100cm (2pcs), Acrylic on canvas, 2009

Nucifera Repose

Nucifera is the biological name for lotus and repose means to rest.  This group of paintings with spatial consideration depict lotuses in abstraction floating in reflections of the pond.  The water of the pond was so still that one can see the mirror image of the lotus.  The emphasis is not only on the extraction of colours of the lotus but also to re-enact the stillness of the lotus pond in dawn.


This group of paintings are arrange in the movement of a flying kite soaring in the sky. It seeks to portray the fragility of life and the word ‘impermanence’ as the kites disappeared to the unknown cosmos beyond.

Entrance and Entranced 2007

Green is chosen for depicting the gradual shift of tonal value from light to dark.  The bench is part of the artwork, at any time when the viewer sits on the bench, one has made a physical entrance into the artwork.  But to be entranced takes time, the serious observer need time to immerse and the chair is there so that the mind is not distracted by the tiredness of the legs.

Colours of Guatemala

Jase Lim

Colours of Guatemala, Acrylic on canvas, 50x50cm, 2004

Someone commented that my Colours of Guatemala resembled Bridget Riley’s paintings.  Yes, some of her paintings and mine did share some resemblances.  But on further reading, both of us have different ‘aboutness’  in our paintings.  She is into optical illusion on her choice of colours and composition.  Whereas my Colours of Guatemala is about the assembly of colours extracted from Guatemala tribal weaved textile inspired by a book Textiles from Guatemala by Ann Hecht.

This book introduced the textiles of the Maya Indians.  The cotton yarn is dyed first before weaving into different design using a portable loom which the women can set up anywhere, in a place here a group of friends or relatives can weave companionably.  The designs are not drawn but directly from their head.  Although each individual weaver may put her own interpretation on to her tribal’s design, she is not concerned with originality as one tends to in the west:  rather she is proud to be following the Maya tradition.

Julia Cameron said “It is one of the most frequent fears among would-be writers that they are simply “not original enough”.  They forget that the root word in “original” is “origin”.  We are the origin of our work.  If that origin is mapped accurately enough, if we are honest enough to name what we find there, then our work is original.”

Reminisce of Champak

Reminisce of Champak was painted in memory of a Champak Tree in LASALLE College of the Arts at Goodman Road campus in 2006.  This tree has blooms with fragrance that are most mesmerizing.  I later learned that the fragrance was one of the notes in the world famous Joy Parfum by Jean Patou.  I passed by the tree a few times in a day and over the years, saw the tree shed leaves, sprouts and blooms.  In this painting, I am capturing the colours in different stages from withering leaves to the sprouts and blooms.

Seals of Joy

This work was created in 2007 during an art elective program with late Mr Chua Ek Kay on Chinese ink painting.


Entrance and Entranced 2006

Entrance and Entranced 2006 is an abstract lotus pond installed with consideration to depict a meditative sanctum.

Why?  Life itself is filled with unknown.  I believe that if one would slow down the pace of life and spend some time to reflect, harmony and happiness should prevail over chaos and suffering.

This artwork was inspired by the lotus pond at Kampong Java, Singapore.  Colours were selected, eliminated and emphasize to present in graduation of colours.